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    Windows Phone 8.1 is shaping up to be a major OS update. Though there are a few big ticket new items, there are also a lot of under the hood fixes too. One of those in-between additions will be a new swipe-based keyboard. We mentioned this addition in our 8.1 features list and other places not as a third-party replacement, or Swype from Android, but rather Microsofts own addition to the stock keyboard.
    This morning, Unleash The Phones have posted a video purporting to be that very keyboard. Indeed, we can confirm its authenticity at this time.

    Full story from the WPCentral blog...
    02-18-2014 09:10 AM
  2. BIGPADDY's Avatar
    That is awesome I love Swipe!
    02-21-2014 06:43 PM

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