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    The Xbox One didnt get any new games last week, but that was just the calm before the storm. This week, the highly anticipated Titanfall has finally landed in North America (the European release will follow on Friday). Possibly the most advanced first-person shooter to date, Titanfall has the potential to move Xbox One consoles like no game before it. Check out our Everything you need to know for the Titanfall launch article for more details.
    The Xbox 360 still has to wait two weeks for Titanfall, which is exclusive to Xbox consoles and PC. But the 360 gets a heavy hitter of its own this week: Dark Souls II from Namco Bandai. Players who crave a challenge will be busy with Dark Souls II for a very long time. Head past the break for screenshots, trailers, and Store links for both games!

    Full story from the WPCentral blog...
    03-11-2014 05:10 AM
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    It feels over hyped.
    03-11-2014 05:51 AM

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