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    Ever since the arrival of the Preview for Windows Phone 8.1, weve been documenting frequent questions posed by you, the eager user. One of those topics deals with Background tasks having been seemingly removed from the OS by Microsoft. But heres a secret: it hasnt.
    The ability to control how programs behave in Windows Phone 8.0 was found under Settings > (swipe right) > Applications > background tasks. In that section, you could easily see which programs installed on your phone were doing things in the background e.g. checking for updates, or pushing Live Tile refreshes. Its a useful tool used by many to help save on battery power. After all, if you have installed a few weather apps due to changing preferences, you dont want all of them running at once!
    In Windows Phone 8.1, many users are under the impression that this feature has been removed, but it has not. It has, however, changed, both in function and where it can be found.

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    04-16-2014 10:50 AM

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