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    The Surface Pro 3 brings a lot of new changes when compared to the Surface Pro 2. One of those deviations is the new N-trig pen, an adjustment from the previous Wacom technology found in the older Pro devices. Microsoft has written about the new technology and its benefits, but many are still rightly skeptical.
    When it comes to non-digital-pen users (like myself), the differences seem negligible, especially if you just use the pen to jot down notes. However, for artists the change has caused quite a stir. Wacom is considered by many to be the industry standard, and N-trig has a lot of proving to do before professional illustrators accept it.
    Famous web comic Penny Arcade (www.penny-arcade.com/comic) and its illustrator Mike Gabe Krahulik has been a longtime Surface Pro user, extolling the benefits of using the device for drawing comics. Hes often regarded as the shining example of how artists can use the Surface Pro series for their professional and personal lives. So when it came to the change in the Surface Pro 3, a lot of eyes were on what Gabe would think about it yay or nay?

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    05-24-2014 12:11 PM

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