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    Way back in 2008, indie studio React Games emerged to remake the classic strategy game Archon for consoles and PC. Since then, the studio has mostly created mobile games and apps such as Dragons Adventure Companion for select Lumia Windows Phones. This winter, they return to console gaming with Super Dungeon Bros for Xbox One, Windows 10, PC, Mac, and PlayStation 4.
    As the title implies, Super Dungeon Bros is a cooperative dungeon crawler. Up to four players will team up as the titular band of roadies on a quest to discover the legends of rock in a dark musical world. With challenging Roguelike elements, impressive co-op features, and a unique banter system, Super Dungeon Bros looks like a co-op game to keep an eye on. Read on for our impressions and video with developer interview and gameplay!

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    07-02-2015 05:20 PM

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