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    We have heard the argument for years that the Windows Phone Store desperately needed more quality games. While that subject is debatable, the debate may carry over to the Windows 10 Store with respect to one particular gaming genre, sports.
    Whether it be Madden Football or PGA Tour Golf, these games can be a fantastic way to waste a lot of time with. Unfortunately, these major gaming titles are nowhere to be seen in the Windows 10 Store.
    I imagine that with such a strong presence with Xbox One and PC games, the need for Windows 10 Store versions may not seem as urgent. Still, the Store could use a decent boost in their selection of sports games (would a baseball game hurt?).
    While the Store's sports titles may be lacking in volume, there are a few top-rated sports game offerings present. It takes a little digging but they are there and we were able to dig up a few options worth trying for today's roundup. We kept to the games centered around sports play and did not include fantasy sports league apps or sports trivia games. It's a small collection, but you should find at least one title worth trying.
    By all means if you have a favorite sports game that isn't mentioned, toss out your recommendation in the comments below. Your recommendations do not go unnoticed and we'll keep them in mind for the next roundup or possibly a game review.

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    08-22-2015 09:20 AM

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