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    Are you ready for some football? The American style that is.
    Tomorrow kicks off the start of the National Football League's 2015 Season when the New England Patriots face off against the Pittsburgh Steelers. The full slate of games follows this coming Sunday and to help you keep up with all the NFL action, there are several quality NFL apps available in the Windows Phone and Windows 10 Store.
    The offerings include apps to keep up with stats, standings and news, as well as apps to help you manage your fantasy football team. We sifted through the selection and pulled together a sampling from each Store for today's roundup.
    We will not be including general sports apps such as MSN Sports or the ESPN app. These apps do cover the NFL nicely, as well as other sports, but we wanted to focus on apps that were specific to the NFL. I would like to mention the WatchESPN app though. It is a great way to catch sporting events from your Windows Phone or Windows device when you don't have access to a proper television set.
    We probably missed one or two that might be your favorite and if that is the case, toss out your recommendation in the comments below.

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    09-09-2015 07:20 AM

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