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    This year the Xbox One has received not one but two luxury controllers: Microsoft's Elite Wireless Controller and the Razer Wildcat. Both offer a number of features you won't find on a regular controller, such as extra programmable buttons and trigger locks. But they also ring up at $149.99 a pop, which will break many a gamer's bank. Wouldn't it be nice to have a more affordable option in advanced controllers?
    Power A (makers of the Mini Series Controller and a bunch of Star Wars controllers) have just the thing for gamers who can't or don't want to spend one-and-a-half Benjamins on a luxury Xbox One controller. The Fusion Pro Controller is a wired controller with many of the same features as the Elite and Wildcat. The big difference is that it only costs $79.99. Read our detailed review with video to find out whether the Fusion Pro Controller can stand up to the big boys!

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    12-13-2015 11:11 AM

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