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    Far Cry Primal triumphantly takes the series into fresh territory, delivering an invigorating and visceral open-world experience on Xbox One.
    Far Cry Primal has arrived, taking the open world adventure franchise back to the Stone Age. As Ubisoft moves away from its forced annualization of Assassin's Creed, I had to wonder whether they were gunning for Far Cry to replace it as a means of guaranteed, near-yearly income. Far Cry 4 launched just 15 months ago, and while polished and broad in scope, it felt uninspired. It was a solid, but safe product, and in my opinion, nowhere near as memorable as Far Cry 3.
    I admit, I went into Far Cry Primal with an edge of cynicism, expecting a formulaic first-person jaunt into yet another Ubisoft-branded open world, fresh off the factory line. Very early on, Far Cry Primal pummelled my measured expectations into dust.

    Primal effectively resets the franchise, without losing what made Far Cry a big name in the first place. Perhaps most importantly, Primal joins The Division, For Honor and Rainbow Six Siege in marking a renewed desire for innovation at the publishing behemoth, which, for a while appeared to edge far too close to becoming dull, something a video game studio should never want to be.

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    02-25-2016 04:20 PM

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