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    Google I/O, on the Google campus, where Google unveils all the new Google things...
    So, there was this little thing out in California called Google I/O. Only a few small announcements: like Google taking on Amazon Echo, two new messaging apps, built-in VR for Android, apps that only download the parts you need as you need them, and a whole new smart assistant. Oh, and Android Wear 2.0 and Android apps on Chrome OS, which is kind of a big deal.
    Microsoft dumped the dumb phone baggage it got in its acquisition of Nokia, selling it off for $350 million. It won't affect Windows 10 Mobile directly, but it will help Microsoft focus better the dumb phone division never fit in with the rest of Microsoft's ambitions. Apart from that, the Microsoft Band 2 picked up Hiking and Explore features, and Health and OneDrive landed for Windows 10.
    Tesla's ramp-up to the Model 3 continues in a big way with a new secondary offering from Tesla. Needing money to finance construction of the $35,000 electric sedan, Tesla's raising $1.4 billion.
    Not far away from Google I/O, wevisited the latest overhaul of the Apple Store in San Francisco with a tour guided by Angela Ahrendts, SVP of Retail. The new store approach focuses around "community", with the store sectioned into areas meant to encourage interaction.
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    05-21-2016 03:20 PM

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