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    There is more to the "app gap" than apps.
    In parts one and two of this series I posited that human behavior in relation to apps effectively precludes the existence of an app gap on the Windows Mobile platform.
    That is an experience with Windows Phone that makes it virtually unusable as a modern smartphone or severely degraded as such in relation to rivals, Apple and Google, due to their comparatively larger app stores of quality apps. I do acknowledge that there is indeed an immense quantity gap between the Windows Store's nearly 500,000 apps versus competitors above 1.5 million apps. I also acknowledge that there is a clear quality gap between some Windows Mobile apps and their more polished iPhone and Android counterparts. These facts are both observable and undeniable.
    What is challenged by the data from the 2015 Comscore Mobile App Report is the conclusion reached by many that Windows Mobile is not a viable platform for the average US smartphone user due to the acknowledged quantity and quality gaps.

    This data supports the industry's move from a user initiated app model to the proactive AI supported bot model.
    In this piece, we will look a little closer at the data from Comscore's 2015 Mobile App Report. We will incorporate into our analysis of human behavior in relation to mobile apps the average smartphone user's use of mobile web content as well. By the end of this piece, we will see how this data supports the industry' move in personal computing from the current user initiated app model to the proactive AI supported and intent aware bot model.
    As I've shared in the past two articles, the data from Comscore's Mobile App Report focuses on US smartphone users. Thus, it cannot be definitively asserted that the data is reflective of all smartphone users worldwide. That said, it may be possible to presume that human behavior across other demographics, would yield a similar concentration of user activity on a small assortment of apps and a high engagement of mobile web content.

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    06-06-2016 03:11 PM

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