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    Microsoft envisions Cortana doing much more than reminding us to pick up toilet paper on the way home from work.
    Back in 2014, we Windows Phone fans could barely contain ourselves as we eagerly awaited Cortana's arrival on Windows Phone 8.1. At the time, like many writers, I had a vision of what Cortana would mean for Microsoft and mobile computing. So, well, I wrote about it.
    Alas, time has moved on, and that initial fervor that fueled the "Cortana conversations" of many Windows phone fans has transitioned through other topics. The Lumia 950 and 950 XL had their time in the limelight. HoloLens enters and re-enters the conversation. Windows 10 updates are a consistent topic, further fueled by Gabe Aul's passing of the torch to Dona Sarkar as the new face for the Insider Program. And the beat goes on.

    We are now more than two years down the road, and though she is not the center of the fans conversations she once was, Cortana has remained an evolving and growing part of the Windows ecosystem dialogue. As such she does pop up in headlines now and again as she makes strides toward Redmond's vision for her. As she has grown, my vision for Cortana as originally presented is largely unchanged. But pieces have been added to the puzzle that I did not anticipate.

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    06-26-2016 02:20 PM

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