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    The day that Microsoft introduced Windows 10 was also the day that Microsoft said this would be the final and, as they boasted, best version of Windows yet.
    It was also the day that Microsoft's CEO Satya Nadella went on record assuring millions of enthusiasts, consumers, developers and businesses that the best Microsoft experience would be on Windows. The importance of this promise is not lost on the faithful fans. We have watched as Microsoft has launched an aggressive colonization of competing platforms by launching their flagship apps onto iOS and Android frequently before the Windows launch.
    In a cross-platform strategy to ensure a Microsoft presence where the users are, we've seen core Microsoft apps and services like Office make their way to the popular mobile platforms iOS and Android. To add insult to injury, many apps like Office Sway can be found on iOS but have yet to appear on Windows 10 Mobile.
    This, along with the superior quality of some Microsoft apps on rival platforms, feels like a slap in the face to some enthusiasts who have invested their time and money supporting the platform they we love.

    You might be recounting the apps Microsoft has launched on other platforms but had seemingly forgotten to bring to their own (or did so much later). Or maybe it's the Microsoft apps that are of better quality on iOS and Android than they are on Windows that gets under your skin. "Best on Windows" might seem to be hollow words spoken into the ether but never destined to materialize.

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    09-04-2016 12:11 PM

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