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    When Live Tile notifications become overwhelming, you can use this guide to clear their content as you exit Windows 10 for a less noisy experience.
    Windows 10 is a significant shift from Windows 8.x, but the new operating system still carries over some of the features Microsoft introduced in the previous version, including the Live Tiles you see in the Start menu.
    These Live Tiles can light up and display updates for certain events depending on the application. For example, the News app tile may show you the latest trending headlines; the Mail app will notify you of recent unseen emails; and the Store app may promote certain apps and services.

    The idea behind the Live Tiles is to give you a glimpse with useful information about apps or services you're using without you having even to open the app. However, as you start your computer, the information on tiles can be overwhelming and repetitive, especially if a particular tile got hangup and continuously shows you the same update.

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    11-11-2016 03:11 PM

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