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    Windows 10 software updates install on your device automatically (whether you like it or not), but this guide can help you retake control and decide when to install them.

    On Windows 10, you no longer have absolute control over software updates. They're mandatory, and they download and install automatically to ensure your device stays up to date with the latest security patches and improvements. This approach is convenient for many users, but it's not one that everyone wants.
    If you're running Windows 10 Pro or higher, it's possible to retake control and prevent the OS from downloading and installing updates automatically using the Local Group Policy Editor or the Registry.
    In this Windows 10 guide, we'll walk you through the steps to prevent updates from automatically installing on your computer.

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    01-26-2017 02:11 PM
  2. Christopher Fernandes's Avatar
    No way to stop it as of now. But the creators update has the feature to pause it for 30 days. :)
    01-28-2017 01:28 AM

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