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    At face value, Halo Wars 2 might seem like a risky proposition.
    While real-time strategy titles enjoy solid popularity on PC, the genre is near non-existent on consoles. The original Halo Wars, launched on the Xbox 360 back in 2009, sold well over a million copies but paled in comparison to the likes of Halo 3. The legendary team behind its creation, Ensemble Studios, was sadly closed down shortly before Halo Wars' launch.
    There's an obvious reason there aren't many RTS games on consoles, but Ensemble Studios made a valiant effort to make Halo Wars intuitive with a controller. Micro-managing units is far easier with a mouse and keyboard, which is one of the reasons Halo Wars 2 will make its way to Windows 10, as well as Xbox One. And, that's really what Halo Wars 2 is all about.
    343i and Creative Assembly have shown a keenness to make Halo Wars 2 playable in various ways, by various kinds of gamer. Whether you're on PC, on Xbox One, interested in casual RTS fun or hardcore strategic action, or a Halo fan that hasn't touched real-time strategic before, Halo Wars 2 has something for you.

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    02-16-2017 05:42 AM

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