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    Halo Wars 2 received nowhere near the amount of attention it deserves, but maybe its upcoming Firefight mode will change things a little.

    Halo Wars 2 introduced us to new characters, including the terrifying Atriox. It delivers piles of multiplayer game modes, and a satisfying, if slightly abrupt, single player campaign. Halo Wars 2 doesn't seem to have gotten the traction Microsoft might have hoped for, perhaps in part to its simplicity, designed around controller play rather than keyboard and mouse. Still, that doesn't mean Microsoft is done with the game just yet.
    The upcoming expansion, "Awakening the Nightmare" will expand upon the original in various ways. It adds an all-new campaign, featuring the Banished faction, introduced in the base campaign. It also features the infamous Flood, who has once again become unleashed. The new campaign will be similar in length to the base experience, including new characters and all-new Blur cinematics, that look just as gorgeous as fans have come to expect.
    I was told at Gamescom 2017 that Halo Wars 2 would have an impact on the series in general, and could have implications for Halo 6. Indeed, Halo Wars 2 takes place concurrently with the events of Halo 5, so some sort of cross over is to be expected. Will the Flood appear in Halo 6, though? It's hard to say, but one thing is for sure: they will appear in Halo Wars 2's new Firefight mode.

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    08-28-2017 04:10 PM

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