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    The Surface Book 2 is a verifiable powerhouse, with a 6GB GTX 1060 GPU and Kaby Lake quad-core processing on the higher tiers. But how does it stack up to the competition? Very well.
    Sure, the Surface Book 2 has a wide range of competition within the Windows market itself in terms of internal specs, but for many, the Surface Book 2 is a direct affront to Apple's 2017 MacBook Pro, sporting premium design standards and features geared towards "prosumer" creative types.
    The MacBook Pro, like the Surface Book 2, has a wide range of options, but the best comparisons both in terms of price and features are on the high-end, so that's where we put the focus.
    Here's how the Surface Book 2 stacks up against Apple's flagship, the MacBook Pro.

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    10-18-2017 07:40 AM

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