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    A few days ago Microsoft announced that they had ceased production of the Kinect sensor. The original Kinect was introduced in 2010 and an updated version shipped with the Xbox One in 2013.
    The company touted the device as a great way to play games using your hands and body but many of the titles failed to live up to that potential. While the original Kinect was one of the best selling video game peripherals ever, the second version was seen as a burden because it was forced upon people purchasing the Xbox One, inflating the overall price. Aside from that, there were privacy concerns and other controversies surrounding the product.
    Well, this month Microsoft finally stopped production without revealing a new sensor or replacement. While the second Kinect may have been a controversial accessory, many studios built businesses around it. For example, you may have heard about a recent game called Fru from a small studio which relies on your body to reveal additional areas. Another such developer, which makes copious Kinect titles, is the Virtual Air Guitar Company. Virtual Air Guitar has shipped everything from Air Guitar Warrior for Kinect to Kung-Fu for Kinect. The list goes on and on.

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    10-28-2017 10:10 PM

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