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    Windows 10 has a new security feature designed to protect your files and folders from ransomware, and this guide tells you the steps to enable it.
    On Windows 10, "Controlled folder access" is a new intrusion-prevention feature that's part of the Windows Defender Exploit Guard included in the Fall Creators Update.
    Controlled folder access is designed primarily to prevent ransomware from encrypting and taking your data hostage, but it also protects files from unwanted changes from other malicious programs.
    It's an opt-in feature, and when enabled, it uses a mechanism to intelligently track the apps (executable files, scripts, and DLLs) trying to make changes to files in the protected folders. If the app is malicious, or it's not recognized, the feature will in real-time block the attempt, and you'll get a notification of the suspicious activity.
    If you want to add an extra layer of security to keep your data safe, Controlled folder access can quickly be configured using the updated Windows Defender Security Center dashboard, as well as using Group Policy and PowerShell.

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    11-17-2017 06:10 AM

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