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    With the right perks and play style, V.A.T.S. will have you prepared for the future!
    Fallout 4 feels different in VR. I don't wanna be that guy and say it feels more immersive but holy crap does it ever feel more immersive. When you're meandering through the wastes on your way to help that damn settlement for Preston and you hear Dogmeat barking or Piper screaming behind you, it almost feels like something is really behind you. I guess that was the whole idea and it turns out that playing FO4VR puts your head on a swivel and makes a fun game even more fun.
    One thing at least hasn't changed at all. V.A.T.S. can make you a total badass if you do it right.

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    12-24-2017 03:40 PM

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