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    Microsoft claims it's Andromeda device category could be disruptive. Here's how.
    New product categories need to answer, "what," "why," "how," and "when?" In January 2015 I began describing an inking-focused, post-phone, pocket PC with telephony as the "what" of Microsoft's mobile strategy. The "why," was to bring highly mobile PCs to the cellular roadmap to accommodate increasing mobile computing demands. The "how" rested on Windows 10 as a universal OS for all device types and context-conforming hardware states, while Windows Ink supported a digital journal focus. 2018 was the "when."

    Between 2015 and now, patents and leaks like Windows Core OSes' role and Project Andromeda's" name began filling in details which I worked into an ongoing narrative. Establishing the distinction between the smartphone and mobile spaces was paramount because many observers erroneously equated Windows-on-phone's demise with the demise of Windows-on-mobile.

    A recently leaked Microsoft email confirmed my analysis that Microsoft has indeed been working on an inking-focused, telephony-enabled pocket PC category for the mobile, not smartphone space. Microsoft even boasted it would be disruptive. Though Andromeda can be canceled here's how Microsoft may expect its new PC category, with OEM support and iteration over time, to disrupt the market.

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    07-07-2018 01:10 PM

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