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    Microsoft has made no secrets about its cross-platform ambitions, and it's about to turn up the heat.
    At GDC 2019, Microsoft is set to debut a new cross-platform development platform with the goal of bringing Xbox Live support to games on Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch, in addition to PC and Xbox consoles.
    Microsoft already has a few games with Xbox Live support across mobile devices, most notably via Minecraft, which requires an Xbox Live login on Android, iOS, and Nintendo Switch. Until now, Microsoft reserved Xbox Live support on those platforms for its own games, but now now, Microsoft is aiming to bring Xbox Live cross-platform play to even more titles. Developers will be able to bake cross-platform Xbox Live achievements, social systems, and multiplayer, into games built for mobile devices and Nintendo Switch, as part of its division-wide effort to grow Xbox Live's userbase.

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    02-03-2019 12:42 AM
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    The project is audacious, but it will not work ... See if Nintendo / Google / apple / will accept that their user pays Microsoft for the live ... For PC / Apple / Google, users pay to have the game, and plays on the server of the developers. In order for this to work, microsoft is going to fold and accept that its users are playing on the developer's server, and that's tantamount to saying that Microsoft is losing Millions of dollars with their Gold annually. I really do not believe it.

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