03-30-2016 03:01 AM
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  1. EssThree's Avatar
    Sorry if this has already been suggested. I've been trying figure out how to pin my mum's flight itinerary to her start screen as a PDF. After jumping through a few hoops with OneDrive to get the file onto the phone (instead of just into the PDF reader) and finding that I can't pin it anyway, I have a couple of suggestions...

    1. Save to.../Save as...
      Basically instead of forcing you to open a file in an app, you should be able to choose to save a file in a folder on your phone. You can already do this by plugging a phone into a PC or using OneDrive. Why not give the option to choose the location when saving email attachments? Would make things a lot more simple to save a PDF straight to the documents folder instead of going save to PDF Reader -> share to OneDrive -> save to Documents folder.
    2. Pin anything to start screen.
      This is obvious. You should be able to pin anything and everything to the start screen. Apps, songs, videos, photos, documents... anything. If I need quick access to a PDF I would prefer to have it pinned to my start screen rather than the app that it's accessed through. This could be a simple matter of adding "pin to start" to the Files app.

    I have a few other suggestions to give that I wouldn't have thought of without having to assist family members, I'll come back and post them when I remember.
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    01-07-2015 03:53 AM
  2. Wazzim's Avatar
    The key thing I'm hoping for is landscape mode and further enhancements for phablets like the 1520. Something in between current wp8.1 and W8.1 RT
    01-11-2015 09:14 AM
  3. Theayalalalalon's Avatar
    Dont kill IE Phone Browser UI
    Thats will be shocking
    01-12-2015 09:12 PM
  4. Blasto87's Avatar
    I want launchers
    01-14-2015 09:03 PM
  5. nolanpangestu's Avatar
    1. Better music and video player
    2. Faster and fluid UI
    3 overhaul the store UI to beat ios desiqn, and add family sharing features so i can share purchased apps to my circles
    4. Add high quality editors to store so i can see great apps
    5. Improve the xbox integration to it's games so it useful for achievement and social
    6. Improve the UI on setting zone, with well listed categories like on ios
    7. Interactive live tile
    8. Make cortana worldwide version, so the countries that haven't supported yet their language can taste cortana
    9. Make the multi windows feature for big screen, maybe 5" or higher are optimal
    10. Make the music and movie store worldwide, so i can taste xbox music and video, just like ios did
    11. Make msn apps are up to date and optimized for windows 10 and cortana
    12. Make microsoft studios work hard for making games for windows10 mobile
    13. Im forget.., add bundles feature on store so i can buy games for good
    14. Make office on windows 10 phone is far better than ios and android version
    15. Make the new interactive fun animations found around the UI of windows 10 phone, like achievement animation on xbox one to be same on windows 10 phone

    Thats all.. Nadela is our last hope for future of windows fan.. Make it awesome! Make it as BOOM as Nuke MS!! Bring competitors down far.. :)
    01-15-2015 04:30 AM
  6. EssThree's Avatar
    8. Make cortana worldwide version, so the countries that haven't supported yet their language can taste cortana
    I think this is a good one. Have an English Worldwide version of Cortana that has very basic features just so people can at least use the quiet hours/reminder/favourite places functionality. A lot of features are straight up locked out if you don't have Cortana enabled, which is dumb.

    I'd also like to once again state that I think Cortana's speech language should be independent of the phone's language settings.
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    01-15-2015 04:59 AM
  7. Lucky 1604's Avatar
    Static IP option and ability to receive all latest possible updates to older Devices too
    01-21-2015 01:45 PM
  8. dawindbag's Avatar
    The biggest issue I see with Windows 10 is the retirement of Metro and the move to a top-focused navigation menu with hamburger. I get the business reasons for this move, but I don't think the over-the-top lamentations about how bad this is are entirely off base.

    The feature I'd propose is one that allows the user to select a "top" or "bottom" navigation menu placement. Make this a OS/SDK level thing so that developers who want to use it can enable it for their apps. Basically the two navigation menus will be the same, same order of buttons, same hamburger, same back arrow and stack. The difference is just placement. The hamburger lives in the lower left corner, the action buttons across the bottom of the screen, the menu tray slides out and the options are listed in reverse order building up from the bottom. Very thumb friendly.

    If you're a Android or Windows 10 tablet users switching to WP10, you can stick with the top placement if you want.
    01-21-2015 05:11 PM
  9. dawindbag's Avatar
    I desperately want Windows 10 to natively support CalDAV calendar app integration so my non-EAS Zimbra/Beehive account at work is compatible with the new flagship Windows phone.
    01-21-2015 05:13 PM
  10. LLPO's Avatar
    Kill all hamburgers!
    01-21-2015 05:19 PM
  11. EssThree's Avatar
    The whole hamburger menu thing seems... I dunno... superfluous? Like, didn't we have that drag up menu from the bottom of the screen so all that stuff would be easy to reach? Hamburger menu buttons at the top of the display seem really unfriendly to one handed use.
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    01-21-2015 10:36 PM
  12. zantobhurgo's Avatar
    Fix the email client so that it supports landscape mode. when i have a long line of text and rotate the phone so that i can read it on a single line, i do not want the font size to increase. and no even zooming out doesn't work.
    01-22-2015 12:16 AM
  13. dibsbibs's Avatar
    I'd like to see one feature in Live Tiles: every tile is transparent while there aren't any notifications but the moment there's a notification, the tile displays relevant information such as what LINE does now.
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    01-22-2015 03:04 AM
  14. daniel_leavitt2000's Avatar
    How about a swipe keyboard for small tablets. Typing on my Stream 7 is a pain after using swipe on my phone for all these months.

    Also, Bluetooth keyboard and mouse support so I can use my phone as a computer when I don't need to do much heavy lifting ( data entry in Office for example).

    I really hope they cleaned up the settings menus. What a disaster.

    USB OTG would be a nice addition too if it's possible in current hardware.

    Full Wi-Fi printer support for phones.

    Consolidated camera app. Why can't panorama and refocus be options on the Lumia camera app?

    Lumia camera app as the default for all OEMs.

    Here full offline maps and nav for all phones and tablets.

    Media streaming over network.

    Auto sync over Wi-Fi (still bitter loosing that after W7).

    Full multi account access on phones.

    The ability to decide the color of each tile.
    01-22-2015 12:27 PM
  15. infosage's Avatar
    Android apps. They are would need to be posted on the new Win10 app store, and wouldn't be as cool a true Win10 apps, but it would end the app gap complaint and hopefully improve Win10 adoption. With more users, then developers might then be encouraged to build a Win version that did cool things like Cortana integration, etc.

    I don't see a massive downside at this point.
    01-22-2015 01:11 PM
  16. Wevenhuis's Avatar
    2. transparent tile options for all live tiles, even the 3rd party ones
    3. The retrn of the tile background image with paralax effect. I don't want and like the image background option
    4. introduction of more live tiles sizes, especially the biggest square one. Also would like to see some more live tile size options such as smaller rectangles horizontally and vertically and the current rectangle live tile oriented verically.
    5. interactive live tiles (it's already been teased by a microsoft employee, no way back now!)
    6. overall improvement of live tile functionality. improve live tile refresh times. Currently it's limited to a minimum of one minute. Would be nice if t could be improved to 1 sec (e.g. for gps and clock and traintimes live tiles)
    7. smaller black space distance between live tiles

    Notification tray:
    1. I like the new upgrade. No comment or wishes there

    App list
    1. adding filter options to the app list like currently in windows 8.1 like list according to name, installation date, recent updates etc.)

    Settings menu
    1. Again like the app list I would like to see some filter options e.g. according to name installation or update date or most frequently used and most relevant.

    2. settings for email: add more options for downloadfrequencies for all email types manual, always, every 2-8 hours.

    3. phone app: integrate it in the people hub and finally make it possible to use smartdialing of contacts via the dialer.

    Right swipe

    Use this functionality for quick app switching between preselected or preprogrammed apps e.g. oneonte, calendar, email, calculator.

    Outlook- would like to see the possibility of more easily attaching pdfs and office documents as attachment via outlook.
    Office: now that editing options have increased, I would finally like to see support for bluetooth keyboard stack support for all phones running windows 10, just like the good times of windows mobile.

    2. Would lke to see a button or function to more easily add an email as a calendar item. Outlook for the desktop has had it for years. it was gone ever since outlook for the interent and windows 8 was made. It needs to come back. I need it.

    3. I want to see the messaging app with skype embedded as part of the people hub. Makes all sense to have contacts and messaging all in one spot. It stays true to the previous windows philosophy.
    4. With messaging I want to see plug ins for whatsapp and facebook chat/messaging. The future of winodws 10 should be to do more with less. The philsopy of having seperate facebook, whatsapp, messanging and peoples hub apps is extremely old fashioned in inefficient and couterproductive.
    5. Photos app. I would like to see a filemanager where I can see and edit both 5 mpix and 16 or 16+ mpix photos in the corresponding high end devices.
    6. In lumia camera app I would like to see a timelapse function.
    7.In maps app, I would like to see support for bike and offroad maps
    8. a uniform app experience in the top 50 most wanted apps for windows phone. E.g the design of facebook and whatsapp is off compared to the overal windows phone end user design and functionality. Also think about the ergonomics. Designwise it may be fashionable to have a hamburger menu up top, but on a phone many handelings are prefered with singls handed use. Using menus at the top does not help and forces two handed use.
    1. Priority: support ALL LANGUAGES!!! (7-25 LANGUAGES IS NOT ENOUGH).
    2. integrate map destination option result to here drive +. It would fit in. more coherent universal experience. E.g. You want a sunday drive to a park 30 milies out of town. Cortana figures it out and routes a destination. With a touch of a button the results is exported to here drive + for route navigation for the car.

    Windows 10 OS
    1. Introduce or replace kids corner (as an example) a frugal mode where the most used essential apps for offline use and minimal batteryuse are clustered. Color is switched to black and white user interface. Examples are example basic apps, office and reading apps in frugal mode, maybe one simple game.
    01-22-2015 03:31 PM
  17. Siddhartha Bommanaveni's Avatar
    1. We need an led light of Windows symbol on Windows phone... In coming Microsoft Lumia devices... ( the led light or the whole screen should wake up, whenever a call, messages, fb or Skype alerts)

    2. In settings... The storage part is really messy,,,, it doesn't show how much the app takes,, in 8.1 update 1, it shows only limited app details and I have observed that settings shows about 1 GB storage, what the heck is this..... I hope windows 10 will fix that.

    3. You should add a STOP button for both music and video.. In app as well as in the live tile....

    4. In store I cant find when I search for an update for settings like network, access point, audio, touch, display.... Please add this feature...

    5. Add speech input for what's app and hike too.... And also in store....

    6. We are missing the YouTube and Facebook very badly... Plz bring and extraordinary update to fb and utube....

    6. File sharing is really tough in windows phone.... In what's app and hike.... We can't send songs and videos, ofcoz we can send camera videos but not other videos... Plz fix dis....

    7. Landscape and Portrait support in EVERY AREA.......

    8. Calender is really messy, if I have two or more events, it shows only one event on live tile.... It doesn't sync with facebook up to date...... Bring the whole calender app to Windows phone
    01-22-2015 10:30 PM
  18. onysi's Avatar
    is the name finalized as 'Windows 10 for Phones'?
    01-22-2015 10:55 PM
  19. alvarocgz's Avatar
    Hahaha! Most of you think RT is dead, but you will have to think again...
    Windows Uservoice: /forums/265757-windows-feature-suggestions/suggestions/6999761-add-rt-or-full-windows-with-legacy-desktop-disa
    I hope you can share it! <3 <3 <3
    Thank you for reading! May our opinions bring the best Windows ever!!

    Edit: I forgot that I can't post links yet, so you will have to enter windows.uservoice com first... sorry
    01-23-2015 12:25 AM
  20. Ramiiz Saiyyad's Avatar
    Awesoke waiting for summer to come to phones :D
    01-23-2015 03:31 AM
  21. Ramiiz Saiyyad's Avatar
    01-23-2015 03:34 AM
  22. Ben Coleman2's Avatar
    I wish there was an option to hide games in the app list and only show them in the games hub
    Wevenhuis likes this.
    01-23-2015 09:21 AM
  23. mj95's Avatar
    Nice New Features Shown In 21st JAN event by MS for windows 10 for Mobiles :
    1. New Call & Messaging Interface
    2. More Toggles on action center
    3. Nice Universal Apps Like photos and Music
    4. Grouping apps in app List
    5. Skype Default Integration

    Microsoft should at least implement Following Things in Windows 10 For Mobile In Its First Update :
    1. Interactive Tiles
    2. Background In App List Also
    3. Picture Password in Lock Screen
    4. Loading and resuming while switching apps(apps UI are allowed to Run in Background and Updated Frequently)
    5. Cortana should be able to handle calls and send Email
    6. Torrent which works on peer to peer system should allowed to do background downloading
    7. Give Apps acess To enable WiFi direct For file transfer
    01-23-2015 12:58 PM
  24. Wevenhuis's Avatar
    nah i think a tiled view for settings would be cool but the list view would still remain like how in regular windows there is category view and list view with small or large icons.

    if MS does not go with the tiles i would like it organised into the following categories (i understand you with the tiles part but categories would be cool)
    - Start + Theme
    - Ringtones + Sounds
    - Lock screen
    - Notification + actions

    Wireless + Networks
    - airplane mode
    - WIFI
    - Bluetooth
    - Cell + Sim
    - NFC
    - VPN
    - Internet Sharing
    - Network+

    Email + Accounts
    - typical add accounts
    - backup
    - sync my settings
    - workplace

    Display (usual items under display +)
    - glance
    - touch
    - project my screen
    - screen rotation
    - brightness

    - accessories
    - call + Sms Filter and settings
    - audio
    - extras + info
    - about
    - phone update

    Ease of Access (usual stuff under this)

    Region + language
    - keyboard
    - speech
    - region
    - language
    - date + time

    Sense + More
    - data sense
    - battery sense
    - storage sense
    - feedback
    - advertising id
    - quiet hours
    - driving mode
    - find my phone
    - kids corner
    You forgot gps :)
    01-23-2015 05:31 PM
  25. Wevenhuis's Avatar
    that's touchwiz! i think the windows way is better
    It's a nice render. On paper and in render it looks nice, but I think in reliaty the will probably be a question of the end user experience. I think for windows phone if people actually want multitasking by actually having two apps side by side, like snapping in windows 7 and 8.x, you need the screen real estate and correct proportianlly app rendering as well. As presented in this render the experience will be a poor one because a normal render of the facebook app and (apparantly) a messaging app are projected. The scrolling with the finfer in each app section is error prone and a cumbersome experience of having to search what you are looking for in a small square in part of the screen. The end user will complain of the rendering issue, so if you want to do this correctly you might consider rerendering the app to a different rescaling of the app, so the the most essential can be done in the field that's present. That's also the achilles heal of this function. It will only be as good as the screen realestate you have availbe. Thus this experience will be better in a lumia 1520 than a 520 or 535. Food for thought.
    01-23-2015 06:02 PM
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