1. wasim sallam's Avatar
    Looks like WP Central didn't make a live blog for Windows 9 event.
    I found "The Verge" made one
    and here it is to keep an eye on the event

    Live from Microsoft’s Windows 9 event
    09-30-2014 11:50 AM
  2. Trevor Wolfe's Avatar
    I dont believe wpcentral got an invite to the event
    09-30-2014 11:51 AM
  3. wasim sallam's Avatar
    maybe because it's not a "Windows Phone" event
    09-30-2014 11:56 AM
  4. Trevor Wolfe's Avatar
    Yeah I was just stating that's why they aren't live blogging out because they aren't there. Also they cover most windows news and will be rebranded soon.
    09-30-2014 12:00 PM
  5. DaveGx's Avatar
    Windows 10? Lol why? MS sucks at names
    09-30-2014 12:08 PM
  6. DropPass's Avatar
    Windows 10... that's just weird. Wasn't this an April fools joke last year?
    09-30-2014 12:10 PM
  7. TheCudder's Avatar
    Windows 10....mind = BLOWN
    09-30-2014 12:11 PM
  8. DaveGx's Avatar
    What's the point of skipping 9?
    09-30-2014 12:13 PM
  9. Jas00555's Avatar
    What's the point of skipping 9?
    Because 7 8 9 (;
    xandros9 likes this.
    09-30-2014 12:13 PM
  10. TheCudder's Avatar
    I'm thinking they went with Windows 10 simply because its contains the number 1 (One). If you recall they mention...

    "Windows One...but unfortunately, Windows 1 has been done."
    xandros9 likes this.
    09-30-2014 12:16 PM
  11. DropPass's Avatar
    Yea... I am thinking it is pronounced... Windows One Oh! Basically 1.0 without the .!
    09-30-2014 12:18 PM
  12. tgp's Avatar
    Now the title of this thread is wrong!
    09-30-2014 12:21 PM
  13. onysi's Avatar
    They had to break a curse, my theory.
    09-30-2014 12:23 PM
  14. Mr. Brown's Avatar
    I wish WPCentral would have posted this link on their news thread. I guess they didn't because they didn't want to send their readers to a different site. Thanks for sharing!
    09-30-2014 12:28 PM
  15. TheCudder's Avatar
    I like the "Task View" click a button for mouse, swipe left for touch. This will be especially nice on phones.
    09-30-2014 12:38 PM
  16. TheCudder's Avatar
    Releases "Later in the year 2015", so the usual 3 year reelase time line. Another Build Conference in April 2015, probably releaesed in mid October 2015.
    09-30-2014 12:44 PM

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