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    Here are my quick first impressions on a Surface Pro 3.Note that I bought the SP3 with no keyboard which I know is odd but its how I love to use it.

    1. I love modern IE. I use it almost exclusively. The gesture based control of it is very far ahead of non-modern. The fact that it is missing saddens me.

    2. Not having a keyboard hooked up, not having the on-screen keyboard pop automatically when you tap on a text based area is painful. I know that in desktop apps, this was the norm. Now it is the norm for everything unless you manually put the app in full screen mode. If apps automatically went into full screen mode, this would be fixed.

    3. I liked the window manager as it was. I also liked the ability to have different apps snapped at different widths.

    I know the touch based features of W10 are not there yet so I'll withhold judgement for now. That being said, I'll likely go back to 8.1 till they are. This is made more difficult by the fact it seems my recovery usb is no good. Guess a trip to the MS store is in order :-/
    10-01-2014 06:03 PM

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