1. doob9911's Avatar
    I installed win10 om asus i3 hd3000 latop.
    I have no technical problem.
    Font rendering is better than 8. Color seems to be more clearer. I don't know reason though.
    Start menu is awesome. Especially the color tone.
    But Win10 has 3 bad features for me.
    1. Search icon on the taskbar is useless because there is already on start menu. And the useless gossip trend is terrible. I hope MS to give option to turn off.
    2. Appstore app list is very annoying. I don't want to see uninstalled app list. It's combined with desktop program list.
    3. Calendar app support only outlook.com and exchange service. It's not good. It should support CALDAV. I should use thunderbird instead.
    10-02-2014 01:05 AM

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