1. Ivo Cunha's Avatar
    I get this error when trying to install Win10TP: vt-x is not available. (verr_vmx_no_vmx)

    I have disabled Hyper-V. Anyone has suggestions? I am trying to install it through Oracle VM as "Windows 8.1". Trying to install it as "Other Windows" also doesn't work :(
    10-02-2014 06:24 AM
  2. Ryan ODonnell's Avatar
    Is hardware acceleration ticked and "Enable PAE" enabled?
    10-02-2014 06:50 AM
  3. Ivo Cunha's Avatar
    Yes.. Can't really figure this out. Damn
    10-02-2014 06:53 AM
  4. Ivo Cunha's Avatar
    Anyone knows about this?
    03-27-2015 11:14 AM

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