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    As I'm constantly switching between the Start Screen and Start Menu doing some of my app development, I am constantly Logging Off and Back On which is a pain considering I have a really long password and I switch a lot.


    Description:Simple App to switch between the W10 TP Start Screen and Start Menu without having to Log Off and Log On.

    Nothing fancy as it is merely a RegistryKey that changes. The app changes the correct value and Restarts Explorer allowing the change to take effect without too much effort.

    TIP: Restarting Explorer, if you have the setting enabled, will reopen apps that were running but not Folders. Make sure you remember what Folder you had open if you wish to reopen it. :)

    NOTE: This is only a simple quick solution not meant to be permanent till Microsoft , hopefully, adds in a built in option.

    There are 2 versions. StartSwitch and StartSwitch Auto. StartSwitch Auto will launch the Start Screen\Start Menu after making changes.
    You can download from my OneDrive:
    10-14-2014 09:49 AM

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