1. Suicide Stacey's Avatar
    Hi everybody. I am thinking of going for the windows 10 programme but need to know one thing....

    Will it wipe out everything I have on 8.1 ?

    I have so many pics and music I would hate to re-install it all over again for windows 10

    Appreciate any answers... Esp those who have actually made the move themselves.

    Thanks everybody
    10-22-2014 11:39 AM
  2. berty6294's Avatar
    You can upgrade to 10 TP without losing your documents HOWEVER I 100% suggest you back your files up to an external HDD, cloud storage, or something similar. Whether you upgrade or not, you should never store important or meaningful documents on a single drive.
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    10-22-2014 11:42 AM
  3. Suicide Stacey's Avatar
    Thanks berty6294. I just remember that if I did lose all my pics and music I can always put my phone SD card in the laptop again. Where is the best place to get the download from? Guessing the official Microsoft site?
    10-22-2014 11:55 AM
  4. berty6294's Avatar
    I wouldn't rely on an SD card as your backup.

    Should be somewhere around here Windows Technical Preview - Windows Insider Program - Microsoft Windows

    I'm on my Surface, so it only displays "Not available for RT" so I'm not sure if I linked the DL page or not lol

    There are a million different threads about how to install and the best ways to do it. I would highly suggest ready through those before making any decisions or continuing any further.
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    10-22-2014 11:59 AM
  5. paulsalter's Avatar
    As above upgrading will not lose your data

    However, the technical preview expires in april next year, and going by previous previews, when 10 is officially released you most probably will not be able to upgrade to it, this will require a clean install

    Previews cannot be upgrade to final versions
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    10-22-2014 12:12 PM
  6. Suicide Stacey's Avatar
    Thanks for the updates guys.... The install has started but when I done the same for my dad's laptop he had a different install process (maybe because he is on window 7 and I was on 8 or maybe because I already downloaded the PD for my phone and he didn't) but I noticed it says it take 9 hours which is fine.... But it is installing an ISO...... Then said this is for transfer to another pc....that cant be correct can it? Or have I got my wires crossed somewhere ?
    10-22-2014 01:35 PM
  7. Funky Cricket's Avatar
    I would suggest you maybe not do this.
    If you aren't comfortable formatting and restore data on PC's this is not recommended. It's also not recommended to be run on a primary machine if you aren't comfortable formatting and reloading your PC.

    This is a technical preview and not a free version of windows. You will not be able to upgrade when the RTM's or Full releases are available.
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    10-22-2014 02:46 PM
  8. Suicide Stacey's Avatar
    Thanks funky cricket... It was the last bit I needed confirmed. I did take part in the DP on my 1520 but did a roll back anyway so I can get cyan on the offical 8.1 update. Not being able to keep the official windows 10 is a deal breaker for me after preview as I didn't want to reinstall again. I know how to do all that but just wasn't clear if the preview stays for good or not
    10-22-2014 04:48 PM
  9. Funky Cricket's Avatar
    Your welcome. This is really a test install only.
    10-24-2014 09:02 AM
  10. BatteryLife's Avatar
    May I suggest that you leave the Tech Preview for people well verse in computing/programming only?

    If something happens with the Preview, it'll really be "suicide", as per your username.
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    10-24-2014 09:51 AM
  11. Suicide Stacey's Avatar
    Lol thanks... Basically I done the DP on my phone and that was easy enough. Quite happy to do the windows 10 as I am a geek and know what to do... Just wasn't sure if you can keep it or not. Now I know you will have to do a fresh re-install I wont bother going through all that hassle. But thanks anyway guys for your help.
    10-24-2014 10:21 AM
  12. BatteryLife's Avatar
    You better hope you know what you're doing then ;)

    Here are some articles for your reading pleasure.

    Before you install Windows Technical Preview - Microsoft Windows

    Enjoy the tech preview =)
    10-24-2014 10:32 AM

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