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    Windows 10 is out as a Technical Preview and many of us are already using it.

    You would have noticed the new start menu which expands on right when apps are pinned to it.


    But what if you pin many apps to it and it keep on expanding to the right? Wont it become difficult to launch the start menu as it will become bigger as compared to one that is supposed to cover only lower left of our screen.


    Why don't Microsoft implement the Start Screen of Windows Phone. Instead of expanding it to the right, it can keep on increasing at the bottom like that on Windows Phone. This way, it will give a freedom to pin as many apps we want properly and keep the total area covered small.


    What do you all think about this implementation of Start Menu?

    I hope Microsoft Employees Who recently Joined WC are seeing this post....
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    I do like that idea. You mean, scrolling up or down, rather than left and right, right? Either way, it should be customizable where we can choose either/or. Right now, on a non-touchscreen PC, it's kind of a pain when having a bunch of tiles pinned to the Start menu. Of course you can scroll with the mouse wheel (if your mouse has it), but if you're on a laptop with no mouse, using the trackpad (older laptop trackpads, that don't support the gestures) is very cumbersome.
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    12-15-2014 07:34 AM

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