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    I have a dell venue pro 8 and it has a active stylus. What I want in the Windows 10is that a better integration of one note ,stylus and modern apps. In 8.1the only way to capture part of screen is through mini one note 2013 tools that allows to capture any part of desktop. But in future versions just clicking the select button on stylus I can select any part of the screen. I hope the Microsoft employees read this. I know surface pro can do this because it is a 3 button stylus but dell's stylus is a 2 button stylus. So a feature in windows 10 where I can customize my stylus and what the buttons do on it will be great.

    One more thing is the way the screenshot is shared on a tablet is very poor. It can be shared only through email. It doesn't even locally store the screenshot. Please add that feature too.
    12-17-2014 09:29 PM

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