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    i understand that one core for all devices means developer creates one app that runs on all devices but that does not solve the app gap problem. if i am a developer who shunned windows phone because of small user base, why would i change my mind just because that same small user base now has a phone that has same core OS as their PCs?

    1-desktop apps that are available currently are not sought after in phones.
    2-take airbnb and venmo. Why would airbnb or venmo develop an app for desktop when you could use their website or mobile site already?

    the only way (besides paying them off)i see for the app gap to close is to somehow expand the user base, which is still going to be a challenge even with the one os for all proposition. for instance, you ask the average joe: "hey man, do you want a phone that's missing important apps like airbnb but runs same os as your pc or you want a phone that has all apps you want but does not sync well with your pc?" i feel that people will still choose apps. i dont know. am i missing something here?
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