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    I would like to get win 10 preview and I want to clarify some doubts on the technical side of Back up.

    I have created a recovery drive on my external HD which I assume will restore to factory state. In a second partition on the same HD I have a system image which I assume will help restore to the current state of the laptop.
    Is this right and if so can I have them Both in the one HD?

    If need be to restore from this HD, Do I have to restore using recovery disk first and the system Image or Can I directly restore using System Image and how complicated is it?

    As this HD is 1TB there would be ample space in it Can I create a 3rd partition and use it for music and video files to connect to a media player or TV?
    Will it effect when the I try restoring the Laptop?

    Need as much info possible on this to get it right.

    Help much appreciated
    01-23-2015 02:33 PM

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