1. AstroPop's Avatar

    Did the job of designing the icons go to a disgruntled employee or Satya Nadella's niece?
    Attached Thumbnails windows-10-tech-preview-build-9879-2.png  
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    01-24-2015 05:38 AM
  2. Alex Rodriguez Jr.'s Avatar
    You are stating an opinion, sir. I hope you realize that.
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    01-24-2015 05:43 AM
  3. AstroPop's Avatar
    ^ an opinion based on fact
    01-24-2015 05:46 AM
  4. Gwenddoleu's Avatar
    I wouldn't say they are "horrible", but I don't like at all some of them and also think they don't look professional at all. Imo the "This PC" for example is very ugly and inappropriate.
    Tastes, tastes, tastes... But I have to say I was very surprised (and disappointed) when I discover them.
    01-24-2015 05:58 AM
  5. Jan Ernemyr's Avatar
    sorry to say , but to me, it looks like its children that have drawn the Icons (manner to the style) they're a bit too simple for my taste.
    but I will survive.
    / just my five cents
    01-24-2015 07:23 AM
  6. F3rzz's Avatar
    I also think they are ugly, but i don't think it is because of the colors.
    01-24-2015 07:38 AM
  7. aximtreo's Avatar
    I see no problem with the icons at all. They serve a function only; nothing more than simple is needed.
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    01-24-2015 07:46 AM
  8. F3rzz's Avatar
    I saw the icons in context and now i don't think they are that bad, they look ok.
    02-11-2015 09:10 AM
  9. JamesDax's Avatar
    I like the icons.
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    02-11-2015 09:15 AM
  10. 123gettothechopper's Avatar
    I found the icons mediocre in appearance. I changed them to some cool android design thingy. If you don't like them, then change them simple as that.
    02-11-2015 09:19 AM
  11. a5cent's Avatar
    They look like they were drawn between episodes of and inspired by the Simpsons.
    As long as it works I won't complain, but if I can choose, I say give me 'Minority Report', not 'Margery Simpson's childhood coloring book' 😉
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    02-11-2015 09:28 AM
  12. TheJoester09's Avatar
    I also think they are ugly, but i don't think it is because of the colors.
    I actually think the colors are what make them so bad. The bold colors look great in Metro/Modern, but it's kind of jarring in this context. If they toned that down a bit, I wouldn't mind them at all.
    02-11-2015 09:31 AM
  13. Sekyal's Avatar
    Some of them are fine, but some just went too simple I think. It just feels out of place, especially where some are a straight on view and others like This PC are slightly sideways.
    In the end the icons don't matter much, just matters so you understand what they represent - which will take time.
    02-11-2015 07:05 PM
  14. Ed Boland's Avatar
    I'm hoping that all of these are just placeholders for the real icons that will come with the official release. For preview and functionality purposes, and to get this build out to the people quicker, maybe they just stuck these "Windows Classic" style icons there for the time being... Yeah, I'll go with that! ;)
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    02-11-2015 08:53 PM
  15. LumiaWorld's Avatar
    They look cute though
    02-11-2015 09:03 PM
  16. anon(5335899)'s Avatar
    It's easy enough to change them. Personally I like the minimalist look although I do feel they are a bit to 'childish'..
    02-12-2015 03:51 AM
  17. Avik Biswas's Avatar
    those icons are fugly, if anyone say it is good, they are either joking or trolling. seriously if they can't make better icons before release, it will backfire at them again.
    i definitely hope this are just placeholder for the mean time. :| but what bothers me is that MS was really stupid in the past, when it comes to UI and UX. ;(

    find a post on reddit about this too
    02-15-2015 09:03 AM
  18. iamakii's Avatar
    MS are bunch of blind people not appreciating beauty of icons like in iOS or OSX.
    02-15-2015 09:18 AM
  19. dkediger's Avatar
    Give me moricons.dll or give me death!
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    02-15-2015 09:20 AM
  20. dkediger's Avatar
    Heh....Been waiting a long time for a reason to bust this one out:

    02-15-2015 10:56 AM
  21. anon(9057135)'s Avatar
    I like them. But yours is just an opinion. If it was a fact, it would have been proven.
    02-15-2015 11:48 AM
  22. Giffdev's Avatar
    Thanks for the feedback, in these early releases the UI is still evolving and we are taking feedback into account :)
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    02-16-2015 03:55 PM
  23. sashlon's Avatar
    What can we overreact to tomorrow?
    02-16-2015 05:39 PM

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