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    Right now Live tiles are not as useful as it should be.Let's face it most of the time we don't even look at it/care about it simply because it doesn't give more information or simply we are not patient enough to wait for it to flip to show the glimpse of what it has inside,which actually forces the users to open the app anyway.Most people now use live tiles just as a shortcut for their apps.and the most of the tiles are not live at all. So to get most out of live tiles more control should be available for users over the live tiles.such as

    1.Manually flipping the tiles: there should be a button on each tiles to flip it to see its updates one by one instead of waiting for it to flip over automatically.this should also allow the users to flip through the contents of the app without opening it.same way pictures,videos,songs can also be browsed directly on their tiles.

    2.Interactive live tiles:We all know it's a sought after feature for many wp users.I bet this will really revolutionize the live tile concept.This will also give the user a powerful multitasking ability as we can directly work with many apps at a time on the start screen itself.All live tiles should have some kind of interactive buttons depending upon the app, example music app's tile should have buttons like pause,next/previous and stop. we should be able to brows through the songs on the tile and play them from the tile itself without opening the app. And the tiles that need internet to work should have a refresh button at the bottom.Because we know that the live tiles are not live most of the time.so if there is a manual refresh button it will be very handy to check for new updates in social networks or mails etc whenever we want.

    3.Each Appointment/reminder in the calender should have option to pin to the start screen.once you've done that,the tile should show the days remaining displayed on its live tile(like a day counter).It will be handy to keep track of our important timelines or important events.also calender app tile should give more up coming events rather than just one event.

    4.WP's tiles should behave more like windows 8.1 PC's tiles:with the attempt to unifying all the devices with windows 10 it will make more sense if wp's live tiles work the same way as it does on windows 8/8.1 pcs and tablets. example if we unpin any app from start screen still we should receive the toast notification if any just like windows 8/8.1 PCs.Also each tile should have a button to turn of its notification(tap and hold should bring up more buttons like this).

    Please don't flame me.I know these are too much to ask now,but windows 10 being a major upgrade i wish at least some new features are added to live tiles.Live tiles are really great innovation,but haven't changed much ever since it was introduced.There is always room for improvement.MS should give more importance to this and add more useful features.people will love wp even more if more options and customization are available especially for live tiles.I really love live tiles even now despite its limited options to play with.but if MS doesn't add any new feature for live tiles with windows 10(phone),then it might get little bit boring after a while.at least some extra interesting feature should be added to live tiles to make it more useful and keep this wonderful feature alive.Give your opinion on this.

    Next Generation Smart Live Tiles
    02-07-2015 12:13 PM
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    #4 is already true. There is no correlation between having a tile pinned and getting toast notifications Indeed, apps can update their own tiles and register for push tile updates without actually being pinned. I'm fairly sure that in such cases, when the app is later pinned, the most recent version of the tile is the one that appears, not the generic one for the app. If you have apps where #4 is not true, it's likely the developer's fault.

    #3 is totally doable, but what you describe would be a feature of the calendar app, not of the tiles themselves.

    #2 presents interesting challenges because the entire tile is already interactive -- as a single button to launch the app. If we carve away parts of the tile area so that we can interact with the app without launching its UI, we'll have less area to use for the primary task of launching. Of course, there may be clever ways of getting around this.
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    02-07-2015 02:06 PM
  3. CJ Thunder's Avatar
    A flip all button or gesture would be nice. Bake that into OS, not tiles.
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    02-07-2015 02:37 PM
  4. rafin's Avatar
    I don't want live tiles, Microsoft can let third party launcher apps control the home screen or start screen.....
    02-07-2015 03:12 PM

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