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    I installed W10 TP on an oldish desktop PC as an upgrade from W7 and as it has been running ok for a few weeks I decided to install it on a laptop as well, which was running 8.1.
    Both installs are running fine but one thing is bugging me and that's the synchronisation of the apps and start menu between the two.
    Themes and Colours and Favourites etc. have synced perfectly but the apps and start menu haven't.
    All Sync settings are turned on on both machines and I have given in and installed the same apps on both machines hoping that that would kick-start the menu intro syncing but to no avail.
    I know I could spend a little time and make both menus the same but it kind of defeats the purpose of having sync settings.
    Has anyone with W10 TP on two machines managed to successfully sync apps and the menu or has it not been switched on in this build?
    02-12-2015 07:23 AM

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