1. Niklas Larsson's Avatar
    One of the things that WP is lacking and is surely way behind the iPhone and Android phones is the ability to stream music and video from the device to a receiving unit like a TV or the xbox one.

    Sure you can use the Lumia Play To on WP but it is not built in in the OS. If you use the phone at the same time the app can't change song, it can only stream local music. WP NEEDS a way to stream music/video from every app that can play musik/video just like in Windows 8.

    MS said it to be in WP 8.1 but all they did was making the OS less than WP 8. Killing the hubs. RIP.

    So, you guys that's been fiddling with the Win104phones, is it possible to stream music from apps?
    02-13-2015 12:29 PM

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