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    I have been using the Windows 10 Technical Preview on my Acer Netbook (10.1in) for a couple of weeks and so far, I am liking Windows 10.
    The initial installation had the screen enlarged but after a couple of reboots, the display auto-adjusted itself (which was awesome).

    Initially I didn't have Cortana but as a friend suggested, I changed the Region and after a restart, Cortana was in the system.
    1. When changing the Region, I had to scroll down the list as pressing a letter on the keyboard does not work.
    2. Hey Cortana. Whenever I say "Hey Cortana", my Netbook and my Lumia 930 both respond which was annoying at first. I had to disable my phone's "Hey Cortana" to play with the Win10 TP.
    3. Also, when my L930 is connected to the Netbook, I receive a notification (on the Netbook) stating " Photos successfully transferred". I like this feature. No need for another app and manually click on buttons to transfer files.

    So far I am liking my experience with Win 10 TP and Lumia Win8.1
    I am getting a Lumia 630 this weekend and install the Win 10 Phone TP. I am curious on how both win10 technical previews would work with each other.
    02-13-2015 10:17 PM

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