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    Hey folks,

    I've decided to share my experience so far about the so called Windows 10 Preview for phones.
    If you are curious about W10 i understand because i was too, however after installing it on my girlfriends L630 and spending a few hours with it i've reached a conclusion. W10 Preview it's too fresh to be downloaded at least for you primary phone. Here's a couple of things that you might want to know before giving it a try, at least this soon.

    Experience i got according to L630:

    - Your phone speed will significantly decrease
    - Most of the W10 features are not implemented yet
    - Random app crashes all the time
    - Calls crashing and phone signal constantly dropping for no reason
    - Some fonts are so tiny that you need to reach your phone 5cm away from your face to able to read them
    - Some options are not even editable this soon, like the expandable notifications bar

    These were the most preoccupying issues from my point of view. However i can picture a stable build and i really like the "concept" i think that most of the Windows users will enjoy it later, but for now if you want to save some time installing W10 so that you reach this same conclusion and feel like you have the need to recover your entire phone, don't do it, wait for a better build.

    Another thing is, don't go by the "hack" method that people are using it will be a step back from denim or even from cyan to W10. There is a reason why just some phones have seen it released. Just be patient it will worth in the end.
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    02-16-2015 09:17 AM

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