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    Hey I was wandering if Cortana in windows 10 for phones requires your location to be on in order to use it? If not, what's in its place? Care to share any pics? Thanks in advance!
    02-16-2015 10:33 PM
  2. svaethier's Avatar
    Even with location it says you live somewhere else,says I live in Alaska when I live in Michigan
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    02-16-2015 10:38 PM
  3. TheBadGuy_88's Avatar
    Ewww bugs! Wish I could bug hunt with you guys. Almost considering buying a 630 just to experience and hunt as well..
    02-16-2015 10:48 PM
  4. TheBadGuy_88's Avatar
    I've got windows 10 on a 635 and it sure is buggy! But it is good. I like the vision.
    Just a confirmation, Cortana does still require location. And for the life of me I really don't understand why she needs it to use MOST of her features. Just logically speaking. It seems she could be more ubiquitous without needing any requirements to work and if she needs your location to complete a task she should just ask. Saving a note, doing most searches, setting alarms, time and date based reminders, even situational reminders like "remind me next time i speak to john to talk about the game" don't require location. Why REQUIRE it? I just want to understand. Why do these non location events require location to be on? In these situations location information seems to only assist Microsoft not the user.

    I also can definitely definitely see the benefits of having location on. It definitely makes Cortana better, in terms of knowing your route to work, telling you if you should leave early to make it to an appointment on time. Weather (although a zip code would work just fine) could benefit from it. But we as the users should have a choice as to how our personal assistant works for us.

    Simple if this then that strings.

    It's similar to the initial Xbox one policies that caused an uproar in their extremely presumptive character.

    Give users the control. It's safer for everyone. It's more enterprise friendly. It's in the spirit of windows to give us options on top of options on top of control. Cortana should not require location, and doesn't need it to do the most basic of tasks.

    I'm sure you can record a couple of one liners to indicate when Cortana needs your location and simply explain the lose of some features to the user. Even have a visual indicator as to the fact that location is off. Customers can understand if during the setup process you give an access to location option, and all the benefits of having it.
    02-28-2015 04:10 PM

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