1. Wbutchart1's Avatar
    Hi there, when I installed facebook and twitter apps from the windows store beta, it asked me on installation if I wanted these apps to run in the background. I clicked no, not realising I would then not get notifications. How do I enable that? I cant seem to find a setting for it.

    Also wanted to check - in the windows store beta, are these apps checked by windows before they are available to us all (ie checked for viruses and malware) as I noticed there are loads of illegal video apps - loads to watch arrow, no bad thing! but are they checked first?

    02-24-2015 04:57 AM
  2. Pete's Avatar
    The Windows Store will not publish apps that contain viruses or malware, The code is rigourously checked to make sure it's safe.

    The content of apps is another matter. I'd advise you to report any app that has inappropriate or illegal content.
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    02-24-2015 06:17 AM
  3. Giffdev's Avatar
    I wish I knew every single trick in the book, but this is just a best guess. Can you go to settings > personalize, and in "choose apps to show quick status" add facebook? I think that will let it run in the background
    02-25-2015 12:39 PM
  4. Giffdev's Avatar
    whoops, update - this UI is still being worked on, and right now you might just have to reinstall the app
    02-25-2015 03:08 PM

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