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    Hello everyone,
    I think that Windows should have Day and Night themes instead of White and Black but you might not know the differences between them.
    The difference is that Day theme have colour due to be nice and you won't have problems with the brightness at the day but when it's night probably you won't enjoy a lot of brightness in your face so the apps will be dark themed to be more "easy" to see it.

    Here's the concept based on the new People app:
    Attachment 98779

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    03-02-2015 08:57 PM
  2. manicottiK's Avatar
    Today, Windows Phone apps use four "colors" to display things. They are Foreground, Background, Accent, and Subtle. (Subtle is the gray text that you see at the small text under each title in Settings.)

    What your design does is forego an Accent color as a way of attracting attention so that you use it as the background color. Take a look at the Email app. It uses the Accent color to highlight unread messages. That 4th standardized "color" is needed. In your Day theme, the only unused color is black -- that's not the way to attract attention.

    What I see in almost all of the alternate designs is the idea that color should be used as decoration rather than for function. I'm not opposed to color, but I am opposed to losing the ability to quickly differentiate important from non-important parts of the screen. Can you address this need in your design?
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    03-03-2015 08:59 AM

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