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    If Europeans and Americans want to recover their jobs they have to become more productive or reduce their salaries. Greed and laziness is a bad combination. <snipped> Hating one country won't solve systemic problems of the western economies.
    I know you don't do nuance, but it still really shouldn't be that hard to grasp.

    I'm talking about protesting an economic policy. If everyone else did the same, it would solve those systemic issues. Grass roots movements by large groups of people is the only thing that ever does force change. If enough people joined a drive to boycott Chinese products, which includes Xiaomi smartphones, and did so until the Chinese government stopped manipulating their currency exchange rates and started treating their people like humans rather than worker bees, it would change the lives of many Chinese for the better.

    If being cheap, disposable, and the equivalent of a modern slave is your idea of what "being productive" means, then you're basically calling for the global working class to submit to slavery. No thank you. Economic policies should protect people from what constitutes modern slavery, not drive people towards it.

    The only person actually attributing negative traits to any nationality of people is you. Apparently you think Europeans and Americans are lazy and greedy, which makes it pretty clear which of us is all about the hate...

    On a side note, I've seen far too many people work themselves into an early grave here too (central Europe). In China it's just official government policy and happening on a much larger scale.
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    The main cause of unemployment is poor domestic policies. On the contrary, western economies benefit from the better productivity per dollar of the emerging economies. They provide access to goods for a fraction of the cost of producing them at home.
    Currency manipulation is a tale from politicians for ignorant people. In fact, with the strength of the dollar in the last months the yuan is probably overvalued.

    Europeans and Americans aren't competitive compared with workers of emerging countries because salaries are too high. The solution is to reduce the salaries or increase productivity working more hours. The solution is really easy, but people don't want to accept it.
    I'm not saying laziness or greed are bad things necessarily, I'm saying they're incompatible.

    So, blaming other countries for your own problems is not acceptable.
    04-17-2015 12:31 PM
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    ^ no matter how cheap the products are, people still need jobs to buy them. Anyway, as usual, let's just agree to disagree and move on.
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    04-17-2015 01:29 PM
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