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    10041 installs on my Asus UX303LA laptop but when i go to sign in, I can't because for some reason i get no internet connection on the login screen which I need to use my email password. I have no idea why it doesn't use my normal login password instead but what ever. Any ways i go try to connect and it says no connections available.

    My laptop is too thin for an ethernet cord so I only use wifi which is always maxed out at over 100mbps there is no issues with my internet.

    Anyways i try to restart it a bunch of times since that's all i am able to do. Then after a certain amount of restarts it rolls back to 9926 and everything is normal again.



    I tried contacting Microsoft support but they are absolutely useless

    I found a 10041 ESD file that i just need to decrypt to become an iso file. So i go to back up my computer so I can just load that and the back up isn't working at all.


    see how it's not highlighted? before it was highlighted but it couldn't find my external hard drive even though it's working perfectly with my laptop.
    03-21-2015 05:06 PM

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