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    Updated from WP8.1 to WP10 this morning, with Fast Insider option. One very large update was followed by a smaller update download, then a long wait with the cogs.

    My email apps are gone, including the Microsoft one for my Live mail account. Internet Explorer is there, but no Project Spartan, so I suspected I might need further updates.

    "About" says I have OS version 10.0.12534.56, which seems to confirm my suspicions: presumably an early build which did not include the new Outlook and the new browser. Update says I have the latest updates. Restarting the phone doesn't change this, and I can't find the new WP10 apps via Store.

    Does anyone know of a way I can tease the phone into giving me a build that includes email and the Spartan browser, please? Will a full factory reset trigger that, or would this be a costly waste of time?


    [edit] Just responded to someone else in a similar thread with the same issue, once I'd got it working. Here's what I told them:

    I can't tell you that you should do this, but I can tell you it worked for me.

    I had the same problem, so I did a full factory reset. Given that the age I spent staring at the cogs earlier was probably a restoration of my account backup, I decided not to use the backup option this time and went fully from scratch. Now I've got a lot of customisation to do, but I do have the new Outlook and Project Spartan!
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