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    Hello everyone!

    So I want to know the opinion of those, who have invested some time on the technical side of WinNT and it's capabilities,
    if there is a hamburger button, is it possible by WinNT to include swyping from the far left to right to bring it up?
    Or it isn't possible, so MS don't bother adding/considering it?

    My question is:
    Can they make edge swyping a core function of the OS?

    Because if they could, most of us, won't complain anymore. (it is a win-win scenario)
    My thoughts is something like the spotify's or Android edge swype-able menu..


    I'm not here to bash on the way Windows is heading, I actually like where the OS is going,
    I just want to know if this is possible, or it's an OS limitation.

    I hope we, the non technical people /consumers, hear some interesting things in this thread :)

    Uservoice, because things seems to get uglier, with the latest statement of WP ex-designer..
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    WP does not have direct support for the concept of a hamburger button. The OS directly supports the concept of a generic button, which is basically just a UI element setup to easily support tap interactions on a developer's behalf. Visually that can be represented to the user in any way you can imagine however. How an app responds to any type of gesture also isn't predetermined in any way. IF you can imagine it and have the necessary skills, you can make an app visually react however you want, be that swiping or otherwise. At least as far as the UI is concerned, some ideas may be harder to realize than others, but the notion that "OS limitations" could prevent a good developer from realizing his UI vision makes no sense at all.

    The hamburger button as implemented in current applications (in OneDrive, Tappatalk etc) actually proves this, because app developers achieved this without the OS having any idea of what a hamburger is or how it should behave. That's also why there is literally no consistency to how hamburger buttons look, where they are placed, or how they behave on WP.
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    So if Windows team wants, they can directly support side-swyping with the hamburger button
    and show the developers with tutorials how to implement this function in their apps.. hmm..

    In your opinion, do you think W10's functionality in general (PCs,tablets,phones)
    would degrade if side-swyping implement for every hamburger button?

    Also is it easy to add this function for MS?
    In my humble opinion I feel like this is a wise move now that most of the native apps have this button.
    04-13-2015 04:36 AM
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    If MS wants to standardize how a hamburger button behaves, and have it include side-swiping as part of its standard feature set, then MS must extend WP8.1 to provide direct support for that concept, in the same way the OS already directly supports pivots, buttons, flyout menus, etc. There is nothing preventing MS from doing that.

    I have not yet looked at the W10M API's, but I'm sure they'll have direct support for something like a hamburger button. The point of that control will be to make it easier to develop universal apps that automatically hide the navigational side bar behind a button (hamburger or otherwise), when the app is running on a small screen. Whether that will also include direct support for side-swiping I do not know. Even if MS doesn't, there is still nothing preventing developers from providing that themselves. Having app developers do that themselves just occurs at the cost of UI consistency.

    Personally, I despise the direction MS is taking WP's user interface. In regard to justifying why MS' new UI paradigms makes sense, I consider myself qualified enough to say with certainty that the few technical explanations floating around are complete nonsense. At best there are a few marketing related explanations that might make some sense, but I have my doubts. As such I'm not the right person to ask whether directly supporting side-swiping for a hamburger menu would degrade the experience or not. IMHO much of what we've seen of W10M's UI so far is already a considerable downgrade, whether side-swiping is added to the mix doesn't make it much better. It's at best less of a downgrade.

    If I had anything to say about it, MS would not slaughter Metro, but rather evolve it into a better version of itself, by solving the navigational issues a hamburger menu is intended to solve with a more Metro-like approach. Something like this:

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    I made a uservoice for swypable hamburger buttons, although I'm not a fan.
    In any case here it is..

    04-18-2015 08:30 AM

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