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    Windows X for Phones Stampsy
    The "Windows X for Phones" concept is absolutely great.
    Why is it great?
    It is reasonable and not far-fetched. Many of the other concepts I have seen are simply impossible to implement without major, major overhauls but this one sticks to smaller, manageable changes to the UI that makes W10 a true evolution of Windows Phone Everyone, especially those at Microsoft, should take a big look at this concept.

    The main ideas to take away from the article are that MS should employ app bars (like the powerful ones in the newly announced Office Beta apps) and pivots effectively to stave off the need for hamburgers (which are idiotic in their own right, because hamburgers are placed in the top-left of the screen where it is a strain for users to reach, as well as never being a part of Windows Phone, for good reason). Also, WP needs more personalization such as more background and accent colors from which to choose.
    Those little things require no overhaul at all to the groundwork of WP8.1, and capture the important things that make the WP design so unique (accent colors, app bars, pivots).

    As a side note, I personally have always wanted more interactive Live Tiles, such as an Xbox Music tile that could pause or skip songs right from the home screen. The concept in this article has applied my idea to varying applications.
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    Seen that one already. Not bad, but I don't fully support.
    Death to the hamburger, however. Stay pure, keep the pivots (but the small ones, like you can see in this concept, and in OneDrive).

    And damn isn't that the sweetest potato you've ever seen?
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