1. Maxy12's Avatar
    This is not my main phone but I use whatsapp mainly on this phone .After upgrading I can't send or recieve whatsapp chats.
    WhatsApp shows my status offline even internet working thru wifi and I can browse web nromaly.
    I tried to activate web client but whatsapp says it can't connect.
    It is Lumia 920 so no option to export messages to SD card and I don't want to loose my chats.

    Also SIM card didn't recgnize by phone -it is known issue for wp 10 preview- but i don't think it is the cause of the problem.
    Any help?
    04-19-2015 12:26 PM
  2. avi_920's Avatar
    This is the same problem I have been facing in my L920 since the update to W10 TP. To be on a safer side try to backup chats within the app, though it automatically does it every midnight.

    There's nothing much that could be done. Just wait for the next OS TP update. It should probably fix it.

    If someone has found some solution, do update!

    04-20-2015 05:23 AM

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