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    I don't know if anyone before posted a post about this or if this is the right forum for this thread.

    I been using windows phone for over a year (Lumia 520) and read and see everything going on with the platform, and i see and understand what some of you may agree Microsoft should do. MS is highly hoping that Win10 for phones and computers be the best ever and safe the company from be an outcast, but there is a bigger problem here related to the phone platform.

    Since MS acquired Nokia mobile technology, they should start over again and discontinue half of their phones series and keep it simply with just 3 maybe 4 phones to choose: feature, low, mid and high end. Series name should be renamed and that would stop the confusion, instead of a number for the series use a subname like nokia did with the icon.

    Design should be the same just slightly different with the name of the phone series printed to make people know what phone you have. Doing this MS will be able to focus better and stop having half better or good phones between the series. All phones should have the same basic features like.

    - 1GB of Ram.
    - FF and main Camera with Flash.
    - Glance Screen.
    - Same standard colors in all devices with some exclusives like purple and pink for some phones or phones providers.
    - Expandable SD card slot.
    - 4G LTE and 3G versions on all phones depending the country or region.
    - Screen size should be defined by the phone series for example, low end to have 4.5 etc. inch screens. Mid and high end, 5 to 6+ inches.
    - Prices: Every device to have a standard price point depending if is low or high, so people will know how much may cost before MS announce the price.

    More suggestions about standard basic features will be welcome.

    If Microsoft do this i believe they will be better and people may want to try their mobile devices, making it very easy for people to understand what device is appropriate for them without the mess of the so many series.

    Microsoft should end the monopoly on their MS Store by promoting all the windows phones devices in one page, so people will have more options even if they didn't choose a MS branded. MS needs to understand what matters most is not the phone brand is people buying the OS by allowing other companies to can add great important features and not pieces of it. I agree every device should be unique from each other but give people something we all can have in common and not feel like my friend phone is from 2020 and mine is from 2008 being both devices released the same year.

    If you agree or disagree give me your opinion, i will be gladly to read it.
    04-27-2015 02:50 PM

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